Sun Wheel Festival from the View of Vanessa Cardui

Sun Wheel Festival from the View of Vanessa Cardui

How nice, I was mentioned in Vanessa Cardui’s blog entry on her experience at the Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival!  I was equally impressed with her amazing talent, and to be frank, I am now doubly impressed by her grace under pressure.  Lost when finding the site, blown tire on what must already have been a difficult and expensive trip, and you know, I hadn’t the slightest idea that any of this had happened!  The only way it showed in the least was that my initial impression of her was being very serious, something that has been belied since by conversations over Facebook.  I urge you to check out her work; she really is amazing in a way that sends tingles through the spine of a geeky Pagan like me!  I will be writing about my experience for my next column in Witches and Pagan Magazine and reposting it.  For now, I am editing all the video footage I took so that I can post the whole show on YouTube.  I will, of course, link those here once they are uploaded.


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