Release the Hounds! Or, Shall I Say, the CD?

Release the Hounds! Or, Shall I Say, the CD?




Today is the day!  “Pyrates & Pagans,” my new album of filk/folk music, is available today!  You can buy it at myBandcamp site; every hard copy CD comes with the download of the digital album, some extras, and will arrive signed if you purchase it today!


Also, don’t forget I’m doing an” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Ostara Gathering and CD Release Party tonight; if you happen to be in Vernon you can” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> catch it at the Library Meeting Room; if you don’t, we’ll be broadcasting it LIVE at Spreecast; sign up at the link!  That will be at 6 pm PDT.  I’ll be joined for an evening of live music by fellow singer-songwriters Chris Madsen and Chad McLeary!  We’ll be doing an Ostara ritual as part of the performance.  IT’S FREE!


Blessed be,

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