Beautiful in This Skin

Beautiful in This Skin

Australian photographer Natalie McComas is doing an important photo series, BEAUTIFUL IN THIS SKIN – portraying subjects with dramatic, visible birthmarks and exploring the effects this has had on their lives and psyches. “This series celebrates these unique skin formations whilst also inspiring those, who may have a similar condition, to feel special and beautiful in their own skin, says Natalie.”

Here’s Patience Hodgson, lead singer of the Australian band The Grates, as photographed by Natalie, who grew up with a large, rare port wine stain birthmark, known as Klippel Trenaway Sydrome, covering half of her upper body.

“I love my birthmark’s spectrum of colour. When I’m warm it’s a kind of red-purple, like the colour of some plums and when I’m cold it’s a vivid, almost neon blue. I also like how it’s a kind of protective barrier protecting me against non-accepting and unthoughtful people,” says Patience.

If you have a birthmark, and would like to be part of the project, you can reach Natalie at

(Thanks to Alyssa Chapin for flagging.)

Natalie says: “I can’t thank you all enough for your support! I have loved reading all your comments, thank you for sharing… and please follow the progress of this series here:”

Or click through the pic!

~ Everyone is beautiful in all shapes & sizes. I think anything that celebrates the natural beauty of the body, especially that which is unconventional beauty, is wonderful.~

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