Welcome, Brother and Sister Geeks!

Real Geeks Only! Welcome to my new blog! I’m Sable Aradia, and I’m a metaphysical store proprietress, writer, singer/songwriter, composer, artist, and professional Witch. I’m a sci-fi, fantasy, historical adventure and war novel fan from early childhood. I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons® since it was originally just called that, and went on to do all the stereotypical geeky activities of playing Vampire: the Masquerade® LARP, joining the Society for Creative Anachronism, and playing World of Warcrack (World of Warcraft®). At one time I was one of the major contributors to Fantaseum, which was the largest Dungeons & Dragons Core Rules® website, and at one time I was the Assistant Editor for What’s Brewin’ e-magazine. My first published book in print format, “The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power,” will be published by Weiser/Red Wheel books and hitting shelves in Fall of 2013. I rarely have time for the SCA these days, but I still go to all kinds of Pagan festivals where I sell wares from my shop and teach workshops on Wicca and magick, and I still play our long-running, free-form D&D® game almost every day, though I have switched over to SWTOR® instead of WoW®. I also write D&D® fan-fiction for the Spelljammer® setting, I’m playtesting D&D Next® and I am a connoisseur of epic music.

I already have a blog on Witchcraft and Paganism and a YouTube channel (which features a lot of this type of stuff,) but I realized that not everything I want to say falls under that heading. I created this blog so that I could talk about things in the World of Geekdom. What you will see here: rants and reviews of RPGs, MMORPGs, Star Wars®, science fiction and fantasy books and media, superhero flicks and comics, links to epic music mixes and book trailers I have made or that I like, historical articles, re-enactment groups and cosplay, issues of concern to geeks such as leftest politics, green living, disabilities and social anxiety, and general geekdom. There are two areas of geekery in which I am deficient. One is in anime; I’m sorry, I just can’t get into the genre because I just can’t overlook the sexism and bad writing/acting, though some of the Old School stuff I’m familiar with. The other is first person shooters and related video games, because I’m kinda uncoordinated and I don’t play them.

I don’t promise how frequently I’ll post, but check it out, and feel free to send me stuff to share as well that you think the World of Geekdom might want to know! I’m willing to post even about fields I’m not skilled in if it’s passed on and I make it clear the opinion is not my own. Thanks!


Sable, the Geek Queen

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