RIP Anderson Lynne Mar


Anderson Lynne Mar was the original lead singer of Gallows Hill, a goth rock band I was in several years ago. These were her lyrics and my interpretation of them in this tribute video. I liked her a lot, respected her immensely and wish I’d known her better. RIP.

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Review: Man’s Search for Meaning


Man's Search for Meaning
Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
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I found this book by accident, and I understand it is a modern classic, but I had never heard of it. This is a partially autobiographical, partially observational, tale of a psychiatrist who survived four Nazi concentration camps. You might be surprised to learn that he died in 1997 happy, well-adjusted, and with a sense of purpose. Dr. Frankl poses the hypothesis that in order to be sane, humanity requires meaning to their lives, and we must make that meaning for ourselves. There are essentially three ways to do this. The first is to do something in life that you feel matters, and you believe will make the world a better place or outlast you. The second is to experience another human being completely through love. And the third is to survive and endure suffering with courage, valour and honour. Dr. Frankl does not think that surviving suffering, when one has the power to escape it, is noble; that is martyrdom in all the modern pejorative connotations we ascribe to it in modern psychology. Rather, he thinks that sometimes unavoidable suffering must simply be endured. Hopefully we become better people by it.

Though Dr. Frankl argues for a new “school” of psychiatry called “logotherapy,” which is oriented towards helping his patients to find meaning and treats them through this (and I think there’s great value in that; I know so many people who would have been helped by this approach, and I watched it work for my husband after a near-fatal, crippling car accident) I believe the real value in his book is in the context of urging us to find meaning in unavoidable suffering. This phenomenon is sometimes called “Posttraumatic Growth” and it is the essence of Neitzsche’s famous saying: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

Reading partially like a scientific thesis and partially like philosophical query, I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who are trying to understand a deep grief or a traumatic experience, and I am going to put it on the required reading list for my students.

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HBO Renews Game of Thrones for Seasons Five and Six!


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Two days after the fourth season premiere of Game of Thrones gave HBO its largest audience since the finale of The Sopranos, the series has been renewed for two years: seasons five and six.  As the show is purportedly going to do as many seasons as there are books and there are going to, according to George RR Martin, be seven books, why  not just renew it for the duration?  We’re not going to stop loving it!  The full press release from HBO after the break.  If you own an Xbox, you can watch the first episode of season 4 on Xbox Live all this week for free.

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An account of Quantum Consciousness on Thomas Khun’s Demarcation Criterion of Science


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          This short paper will analyze and evaluate the position of ‘Quantum Consciousness’ on Thomas Khun’s criterion for Science. The history, practices and implications of accepting quantum consciousness will be discussed. This will be followed by an adjudication regarding whether or not quantum consciousness actually counts as science on Khun’s demarcation criterion. A short discussion emphasizing my personal opinion on quantum consciousness and its pseudo-scientific nature will conclude this analysis. But first, Thomas Khun’s demarcation criterion for science must be explicated

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By: Steven Umbrello

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