Split brains and functioning consciousness


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I’ve written before about split-brain patients, those who, due to severe epilepsy, had the connections between the two hemispheres of their brain severed, yet were subsequently able to lead normal lives without themselves even noticing any cognitive change, which has profound implications for how consciousness works.

It turns out that there are people who are born with no connections between their brains, and one recently discovered patient still led a normal life: This Elderly Man Was Born With His Brain Hemispheres Disconnected. Did It Affect His Life? Hardly | Science Blogs | WIRED.

A new paper reports on an elderly gentleman, referred to as H.W., who aged 88 presented at a clinic complaining of recent intermittent problems controlling his left hand and some mild memory difficulties. Preliminary tests found him to be high functioning. He scored 30 out of 30 on the “mini mental state examination”, which is…

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Doctor Who: ‘Deep Breath’ – I like the new Doctor


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doctor_who_peter_capaldiThe new Doctor Who season started Saturday and I just got around to watching the season opener.  I think Peter Capaldi is going to make an excellent Doctor.  I’m pretty pleased to see the show return to an older Doctor.  Since it was restarted in 2005, the Doctors have been getting younger and younger, but anyone who watched the classic show knew that the Doctor has historically been a mature figure.  The show even played around with this in the 50th anniversary episode with a previous version of the Doctor wondering if his later youthful incarnations was some sign of a mid-life crisis.

Still, an older Doctor, particularly one that looks to be a bit rougher and edgier that we’ve been used to, appears to have the producers a little worried.  Anticipating the reaction of a major portion of the audience that probably never watched the classic series, they had Clara react against the new…

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Review: FOUNDATIONS IN COMIC BOOK ART: Fundamental Tools and Techniques for Sequential Artists


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Wow, what a book for anyone who is passionate about becoming a cartoonist! “Foundations in Comic Book Art: Fundamental Tools and Techniques for Sequential Artists” is a compressed version of what you can learn at the Savannah College of Art and Desgin (SCAD). John Paul Lowe, an art professor at SCAD, guides you through the main principles of comic book art: seeing and interpreting (observational techniques); and creating (constructive techniques). In a very concise and lively manner, you get a solid grounding in what’s involved in becoming a comics professional.

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Practical Planetology


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So you’ve made a world and you want it to be believable!  Here’s some handy tips to add a little science to your science-fiction, and make your Spelljammer worlds live and breathe and feel very real.

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