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October sees a lot of Batman comics and “Gotham Academy” is one particularly good comic from DC Comics that you will want to check out. What is noteworthy about this one is it really strikes an authentic girl power chord. Every page rings true. You can thank the writing team of Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher. I recently interviewed Cloonan and, as you may know, she’s sure to deliver with girl street cred. Art by Karl Kerschl; Colors by GeyseR; and Cover artwork by Karl Kerschl. Everyone delivers the goods here.

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Writing, Readings and Cons, Oh My!


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ChiSeriesVancouverPoster-web-2014This weekend is VCon, Vancouver’s SF and fantasy convention. I haven’t gone in a few years but I will be attending this year and will be on a panel about Finding Your Muse, tomorrow at 1:00 pm. I have a reading at 7:00 pm where I will read from a story that was long listed for the Stoker Award. And on Saturday I will be on a panel about the role of religion in speculative fiction. If you’re not doing anything come on down and experience the breadth and depth of convention fun.

I should also mention that my poem “Family Tree” has come out in the collection They Have to Take You In, edited by Ursula Pflug. “The Collector” came out earlier this year in Cemetery Dance. My story “Pearls and Swine” will be coming out in the New Exile Book of Canadian Noir, and Our Lady of…

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Feminist Friday: What Are Strong Female Characters?


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You may have noticed I’ve been blogging about female characters all week! Well, there’s a reason: I want to discuss the concept of “strong female characters” today. That phrase gets thrown around a lot, but people have widely varying ideas of a) what a strong female character is, and b) what a strong female character is supposed to accomplish in the real world. So, let’s compare notes.

We Are All Wonder Women

Prints available on Etsy.

In its most casual usage, the phrase seems to mean either a female warrior or a female character who gets a lot of “screentime” in the story. Both of these things can certainly be important. Women are traditionally not portrayed as warriors or physically/emotionally “strong,” and as we talked about two weeks ago, the Bechdel Test illustrates that women are often only present as token supporting characters in a male character’s story. (There’s nothing wrong with telling stories…

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Doctor Who Review: Series 8, Episode 7. “Kill the Moon.”


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Doctor Who series 8, episode 7, “Kill the Moon,” by Peter Harness is, in my opinion, the weakest of the season so far. Despite the best efforts of Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) and Ellis George (Courtney Woods), this episode falls flat, and I think it’s because the script is bad. Before I go further let me just say that even though I’ve raised questions and noted dislikes with several previous episodes, this is the only one so far I’ve given a complete thumbs-down to. If this turns out to be the only one, I’ll consider it a great season. I’ve tried not to read anyone else’s reviews until this is done, and I’m curious to know what the Internet is saying about it because I often find that when I dislike an episode, tons and tons of other people absolutely love it.

Lets start with the positives…

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